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We were Wrong and Harmful on Gay Issues says Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, claimed in one of his last major public lectures before he steps down toward the end of this year, that the Church of England’s attitude towards gay relationships has often been harmful to people.

Only last month Dr Williams said that while the Church of England was “wrong” not to have advocated for gay equality, the Prime Minister David Cameron was also wrong to embarrass the church over the issue.

During the lecture to the religious theologian think tank ‘Theos’ earlier this week the Archbishop also suggested the church could and should learn some lessons from its passed mistakes.


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Catholic Church In Scotland Get Political Over Gay Marriage.

The Catholic Church in Scotland took a very political and public stand against marriage equality last weekend when a letter was read out in all 500 of the church’s parishes, expressing their “deep disappointment” that Alex Salmond’s Scottish National Party administration had vowed to pass legislation that could see the first same marriage ceremonies as early as 2015.

The anti-equality, anti-gay letter called on the catholic worshippers to pray for their political leaders to preserve the traditional nature of marriage “for the good of Scotland and of our society”.

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