Top Personal Blogs

Not an exhaustive list, just some of the top personal blogs I like to visit and suggest you pay them a visit too!

Alec, a delightful, intelligent, intuitive, sensitive young man exploring life,
his blog is like a public therapy session.his therapy!
The highs and lows of living in a small country town in Australia,
although Nelo makes it colourful! 

Hawt twinky totty, great photo blog.
Award winning blog from South Africa based Pierre

Nick’s delicious selection of males and male erotica

Soundtrack to my Day
One of the best music blogs on the net.

A superstar in the making.
He’s back……
Style style and even more style…..
Aamyko,  Raunch at it’s best!!



Top gay news blog



Charming entertaining lady from sunny Florida. 

Anne Brooke one of the UK’s most prolific writer’s of gay and lesbian fiction – among other things

Male erotica at it’s best.


Vera’s Big Gay Blog

Style Beyond Words




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