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Same Love

It’s not often a rap song carried a message of support for anything gay let alone marriage equality, therefore it came as quite a surprise to many to hear a rap tune supporting gay marriage had sneaked into the US top 20 of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Rap duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis released the song Same Love, quite some time ago, February I believe and as the momentum for equal marriage across the US has increased so have sales for the enchanting tune. Last week it sold the most it ever had since it was released, an amazing 110,000 copies, pushing it into the charts.

The song comes from the duo‘s latest album and focuses on Macklemore’s personal experiences, thoughts and feelings around the issue of same-sex relationships and equal marriage. The accompanying video also features the lives of a gay couple, including a happy marriage and can be seen on YouTube.

The lyrics were inspired by Referendum 74, where voters in the US state of Washington voted to uphold a law legalising equal marriage.

Many believe the song, which also features vocalist Mary Lambert, gained an added impetuous recently because of the US Supreme Court’s ruling in favour of same-sex marriage, in two cases recently. It jumped from 28 to 16 in the Hot 100, as well as surging from 23 to 8 on the US Digital chart.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis rose to fame in the UK last year with the song Thrift Shop, which topped the UK chart and the follow up Can’t Hold Us, is currently in the top 20 in the UK, having been on the chart for around 16 weeks.

Same Love is surprisingly evocative and packed with energy, passion and meaning. A worthy addition to any music collection.


Super SIRPAUL interview

Guest Post from music blogger Howard Stump


In preparation for the stampede this week caused by the release of The Horse, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the creative force behind the album, SIRPAUL™, to learn what might hear on the album, and to just catch up with the amazing talent. But before we jump in, I thought it might be nice to get some background info on SIRAPUL. After moving to New York City in 1998, he released his first album, a self-titled collection now out of print. That was followed by Sexual.Human.Being, Robotika, Switch, and a favorite of mine, 2006’s Dismantle. And there was also Objectified and the most recent, Music & Me. And that is only the full albums, for there were also several EPs and Remixes available. I’ve been a fan for a while, fascinated by the way SIRPAUL is able to skim the best of Pop and Rock over the past few decades, and make startling new music that, at it’s core, has amazing heart and soul.

The music has all been released on the Controversial Records label, for which he is the CEO and Founder. The company as also released music by Cherylyn, as well as a recent release by Simulover. SIRPAUL has also released several videos in collaboration with director Andreas Anastasis. These videos have been featured on LOGO and MTV, and have topped the charts on LOGO’s ClickList and the NewNowNext, as being featured on With you all caught up now, let’s get to his latest release, The Horse. I couldn’t resist, I had to know what inspired the album title.


“Well I felt that the two of the things I feared but am strongly attracted to are falling in love and riding a horse,” he answered. “Both are strong and powerful. Both require practice, patience and confidence, and when you get thrown off you have to just get back up and try again. I’m fascinated by horses and I have learned to trust my instincts…the title came to me and I just knew it was what the album was going to be called before I even wrote the songs.”

After getting an opportunity to hear an advanced copy, I couldn’t help but notice The Horse has a harder edge, harkening back to Punk roots, like the great music of Blondie and Debbie Harry. What drew you in that direction?

“I’m really at a very specific place in my life right now,” he told me, “and I really feel like I’m starting to understand the side of me that is a very head strong, powerful man. In a lot of way I think my last album Music & Me was my way of saying to the world: “Here I am! I can make really catchy music!” and with the exception of Colors and U it was more about me showing off my production skills more than it was about revealing anything too deep or intimate. The Horse is about the process of owning my strength, being unapologetic about my intense sexual energy and exploring the depths of my masculinity.

Body Connection featuring Loco Ninja

I see that on the first single, you collaborate with Loco Ninja, a great new LGBTQ artist some of the blog regulars might recognize from previous posts. How did that come together?

“Loco’s my boy,” SIRPAUL exclaimed! “Believe it or not, we never even met until after we collaborated! Someone I know tweeted about him so I checked out his music and I loved his style. He checked out my stuff and he offered to collaborate. At this point, Body Connection was already done but I felt like the song lends itself really well to feature a rap break so I sent him the track. I was on pins and needles waiting to hear what he came up with,” he told me excitedly, “and was very happily surprised with the result. I think he has a very good career ahead of him.”

With a blog filled with the music of so many talented artists in the gay community, and enjoying the collaboration with Loco Ninja, I was interested in knowing if there were any other LGBTQ artists SIRPAUL would like to work with.


“I just finished remixing Christopher Dallman & Baby Alpaca” he answered proudly. “They are both BRILLIANT and amazingly cool people that just so happen to be out AND have an immense amount of talent. I’m really not a fan of any of any mediocre “out” artists who think that by just being gay it’s enough to make their music good or interesting. When you listen to an artist’s music the last thing you should be thinking is “Is this person GAY?” Who cares?? I think some-how gay people have been credited with having good taste and that is hardly the truth. At the same time, enough with gay publications writing about Britney Spears, Madonna, Kylie and Rihanna. We have plenty of talented people in the LGBTQ community and if the music is GOOD, we should lift each other up.”

After hearing and loving the new music, I was dying to know what song SIRPAUL felt came the closest to capturing the man himself.

“I’d say Like A Horse feels like a true, classic SIRPAUL song to me… but then again,” he said with a laugh in his voice, “I have musical multiple personality disorder so, all of my songs are really very authentic to me as an artist.”

Like A Horse off the album, The Horse

I have to admit, the density of sound at the top of Strict really grabbed me straight away. In fact, Strict, Hardcore Crazy and Dark Beat seemed to be coming from a different place than the others. They sound like they come from a darker, edgier part of your soul. Do they bring some light in there for you?

“No,” he told me mater-of-factly. “They reveal the darkness by pulling you into it with me.” Hmmm, I like the way that sounds.

Strict off the album, The Horse

There is no way I could talk to him about this album without mentioning the cover art, which is artful indeed. It features SIRPAUL draped across a black horse. At first glance, it took my breath away. The cover is exquisite. Was it your idea to be naked atop a horse?

“Thank you,” he said appreciatively. “Yes it was. We were first trying to reinterpret a very famous painting called Mazeppa. I was to be tied naked to a horse, which is how the painting shows the character. It was a crazy idea but I worked really hard to make sure I didn’t make a fool out of myself. I put myself on a very strict diet and exercise regimen – six days a week at the gym for two hours a day, no wheat, dairy, soy or sugar.”

Mazeppa by Horace Vernet SIRPAUL The Horse
Mazeppa, by Horace Vernet. And SIRPAUL by Michael Young

I have to say, that seems pretty impressive to me. But so does SIRPAUL, looking young and strong, that is for sure. Was this just for the cover shot, or something more permanent?

“I’m trying to just make it a lifestyle now because I’ve never felt better in my life,” he answered. “I’ve also been working very closely with a brilliant photographer named Michael Young (Website here) and I trusted that if I got my body in really good shape and I made sure the location, set, props and styling (if any LOL) were all on point, we could create something magical and for me, it was a transformative moment in my life.”

As a man with many titles, including singer, songwriter, producer, CEO, and just about any other job it takes to make music in the current day and age, I had to know if SIRPAUL had a favorite part of the entire process of putting together and releasing an album.

“My favorite part is writing and recording the songs,” he told me, not surprising me at all. “I also love conceptualizing the artwork. Believe it or not, I actually love every part up until the point where I have to switch gears and do all of the business side of things. Booooooring,” he told me, rolling his eyes. “I need to sign with a record label…I can’t keep doing everything on my own anymore. I just want to focus on making the music and performing now.”

With a change in the New York law, SIRPAUL took advantage of the opportunity to marry Paul Petersen earlier this year. So I was dying to know if and how this made a difference. How has married life affected your music?

“Married life has given me the freedom to explore both the darkness and the light,” he said thoughtfully. “I feel more willing to look at the parts of myself that I was too afraid to see before because I know now that I’m unconditionally loved. You couldn’t ask for a better husband or a more supportive partner. He has given me the courage to fly.”

I have to thank SIRPAUL for taking time to answer my questions. The Horse will be released Tuesday, April 3rd. It will be available on iTunes and Amazon. I will post the links when I have them. Meanwhile, you can visit his official website for more about SIRPAUL. You can also check out a recent theme song from a movie, Going Down In La-La-Land.

To learn more about Going Down In La-La-Land, visit the official website. You can purchase the song on iTunes and Amazon. You can find SIRPAUL’s music catalog on iTunes and on Amazon.
Interview and post from Howard Stump

Andrew Hayden Smith


Andrew Hayden Smith

Meeting someone off the TV that you fancied during your childhood is one thing. Interviewing such a person is quite another.

Especially when you used to emblazon his boyish, dimpled face in Smash Hits-poster form across your bedroom wall. Especially when that person is hot gay actor Andrew Hayden Smith. On the afternoon of his GT shoot I promised myself, in the name of professionalism, that I’d do everything within my power to disguise the massive crush I’ve had on the Byker Grove, CBBC and Doctor Who star for the last one, two, three…oh, 15 years. But inevitably this wasn’t to be easy.

To read the full article, pick up the latest copy of GT out in all good retailers, online and downloadable on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Artistry of Male


There are some blogs that delight, then there are some that inform,  you also have some that entertain, a few are there to inspire thought and contemplation.  However, very  few can combine all those functions in one exquisitely produced package –    Artistry of Male is that package!


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Sunday Eye Candy


Apparently,  today is the day of eye candy,  of looking and enjoying a bit of male flesh on display.  So it would seem that we are going to have a choice of beef to watch in the cinema,  two movies starring the super-sexy Marvel heroes Thor and Captain America. 

But how do you decide which one is better? Sure, some people would point to things like plot structure or well-defined characters, but those people are pussies. No, the only true way to judge the merits of a superhero movie is by how bangable the hero is, so says xtra in Canada and yours truly,  so  lets take a peek

It’s time to decide: who’d you rather?


…or Captain America?

Homo Eroticus

Top eye candy alert,  Blog Review.

Nick is a handsome 24 year old guy from Germany who puts together two new and entertaining blogs.  First up is his teasingly tantalising Homo Eroticus, a personal journey through words and pictures of things that matter to Nick.

It’s a tale through art of one young guys experience of a break up and future desires.  His words can be appealing,  gentle or hard harsh and angry, but always they are thought provoking and entertaining.    He selects striking, startlingly images of the male at work, rest and play.

It’s a vibrant blog, touching and tender and forceful, such a good selection if male images, that you should visit at least once every day.

the wash of a warm breeze

through an open window

against my naked skin

while i watch the curtains dance

a welcome dance to spring.

I’ll curl into you

and fall asleep with only

a smile on my lips.

Homo Eroticus


Max Malvicino-082
 Its Getting Hawt In Here……

There are few erotic sites on this wide wonderful wankfest we call the net that manage to fulfil every single one of our senses,  but Hawt Blog is one of them.  Well, alright,  that’s not true.  Steve the creator of Hawt hasn’t quite made waft the aroma of manlove yet,  but I’m sure that’s something in the pipeline!

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Loco Luke’s Luscious Lads Is Back


Blog Review.

A worrying development over the last few months has been the disappearance of some of the best loved gay blogs on the net.  All hosted on the Google owned ‘blogger’ platform, some have been removed by their owners, but most seem to be disabled and removed by Google.  Why, is anyone’s guess,  Google warn it’s a terms of service issue breach, or it’s excessive spam, or it’s copyright infringements.  Loco Luke’s little blog was one such blog that just vanished over night, no advance warning, no notice, just disabled by the hosts Blogger.     We asked Google why, why they had removed a blog that didn’t have advertising, didn’t carry nudity, didn’t feature any illegal or offensive or had any complaint of copyright breaches,  we’re still waiting for a reply.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation with Google and the attack on gay blogs, but for the moment we are pleased to report the return of Loco Luke’s delightful blog, albeit on a different blogging platform.  


Loco Luke’s Luscious Lads


A fresh, rewarding and exciting blog,  showing of the cream of charming male talent from around the world.  Luke features mainly eighteen to twenty-five year old male actors and models in order to entertain and inform us.  

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Jedward – GayTimes



The pop twins and you’ve never seen them before, interviewed by Jamie Tabberer

“We’re both really clever,” says John Grimes, one half of Jedward, perhaps the most loved AND hated act to come out of The X Factor. Ever. “We’re, like, the next Einsteins.” Not so much.


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David Beckham Takes The Boys To The Beach


David Beckham enjoys a day at the beach with his 3 sons Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz. The boys tried a bit of boogie-boarding and David took a few snapshots. Cruz got buried in the sand up to his neck. April 16, 2011.

Continue for the photos.

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