Branding Gays Evil Gets UK Radio Station Fine.

A community radio station in the English city of Leeds has been fined £4000 after one of its homophobic advocated homophobic violence and branded gay people as “evil” and “shameful”.

The Fever 107.3 FM, a small local station dedicated to the Asian community, presenter Rubina Nasir, sometimes known as ‘Sister Ruby‘ made the revolting homophobic comments during August 2011.

The bigoted Nasir opened her Sister Ruby Ramadan Special 2011 show with a verse from the Quran (Sura Al-Nisa, verse 16) and then spouted her own interpretation of the verse, as being highly critical of mixed-faith marriages and also of same-sex relationships. She went on to discuss various historical events portrayed in the Quran in the context of her main focus on homosexuality.

At one point during the programme she said: “What should be done if they do [practise homosexuality]? If there are two such persons among you, that do this evil, the shameful act, what do you have to do? Torture them; punish them; beat them and give them mental torture.”

During the investigation by the UK’s broadcasting watchdogs OfCom, they found that Nasir comments were “likely to encourage or incite the commission of crime”. Accordingly they fined the small fine of £4,000. However they stopped short of revoking the stations broadcasting licence saying it “would not be appropriate to shorten, suspend or revoke Radio Asian Fever’s licence”.

One response

  1. As usual, Muslim people are so critical of other people but themselves. They also try to dictate to other people by means of violence. Once a Muslim, always a Muslim and if any person converts to something else, it is death. Since when are Muslims the custodians of moral values, especially when their history clearly reflects differently. The fine should have been at least 10 X more together with an additional suspended fine for double that for a period of 5 years.

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