Oprah Winfrey’s TV Network Gives Anti-Gay Preachers a Platform

Osteen and Winfrey

US Television Chat show diva and former champion of gay rights and equality seems to be turning away from the wanting a world or at least an America free from gay hate,  by allowing anti-gay pastors on her cable TV channel to preach gay hate messages.

Oprah Winfrey’s Lifeclassprogram, where claims to give television viewers the chance to  “get the lessons we can all use to lead our best possible lives,”  has just recorded an episode featuring the wisdom of two anti gay religious preachers.

Joel Osteen and Rick Warren appear in an episode of the show which was shot on Friday in Houston. A repulsed OWN insider complained that she thought it was ‘absolutely disgusted that these two people should be given a platform’ as they hold such outdated homophobic views.

Osteen, has a vast church in the Houston often claims he’s not anti-gay, only that he views gays as sinful, yet wont allow them in his church nor does he believe gay people should have equal right.   The California Rick Warren is so proudly against marriage equality,  he shouts his position wherever he goes.  He has been a fierce campaigner for Prop. 8,  took part and added vocal support in Chick-fil-A  anti-gay furore.

The anonymous insider told gay media that this the tip of a long list of known anti-gay campaigners invited to take part in OWN TV shows in a move designed to increase the channels popularity among the hard right Christian demographic.

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