US gay hate group goes personal.

The case of a stolen photo continues to dominate the Colorado news scene at the moment,   the snap appears on a campaign leaflet or mailer and features two men leaning in towards each other and romantically kissing. The image comes from a treasured engagement photo snapped in New York city that was stolen and reworked by an horrible anti-gay Virginia group.

The group call themselves the Public Advocate of the United States and butchered the original crisp black and white shot, dimming it down, replaced Manhattan skyscrapers and the Brooklyn Bridge with hazy snow-covered mountains and cut across the middle of the image with words intended to mock the couple and attack Republican Colorado state Senator Jean White, from Hayden in the rural conservative northwest top of the state.

The New York couple, Brian Edwards and Tom Privitere, are so outraged by this act of hostility and aggression they have engaged attorneys to first send a letter telling the homophobic Eugene Delgaudio, president of the Falls Church-based group behind the mailer to stop.

The SPLC attorneys, a civil rights organization that has fought discrimination and similar hate groups for decades, is also representing Kristina Hill, she’s the photographer who took the original photo of the couple.

“It appears from your public statements that you knowingly and wilfully misappropriated Tom and Brian’s images and Kristina’s copyrighted photo for use in your homophobic mailers against Colorado state senators,” wrote SPLC Deputy Legal Director Christine Sun in the letter she sent yesterday to Delgaudio.   “As you are certainly aware, Brian and Tom are not public figures. That photo was a deeply personal representation of their love and commitment to one another and the obstacles they overcame to share their lives together. The use of that photo of their wedding engagement and their images to attack gay couples and their relationships as not promoting ‘family values’ was unfair, un-justifiable and demeaning of Tom and Brian’s human dignity.”

The point of the letter is to prevent Delgaudio’s hate group from using the image in any other planned mailer and according to local media investigations are still on-going regarding pursuing full legal action over the unauthorised, unlawful and illegal use the image

Delgaudio’s group allegedly sent out the hate mailer with the photo attacking the senator after White  along with Republican’s Ellen Roberts, and Nancy Spence voted in favour of a civil unions legislation that would have allowed same sex couples to enjoy some, though not all, of  the legal rights and responsibilities that heterosexual people currently enjoy.

The Public Advocate is a vicious hate group that should have no place in American society, having lied and misrepresented gay Americans for a number of years. According to Christine Sun “‘Public Advocate’ has spread lies and vitriol about LGBT people to raise funds, impede progress toward greater equality, and to deny LGBT people basic dignity and respect,”

“From the many regrettable examples that could be listed, ‘Public Advocate’ has throughout the years:   blamed “the homosexual agenda” for enhanced-passenger-search procedures at airports so that gay people can feel others up;   compared marriage equality to bestiality through production of a “Man-Donkey Mock Wedding Ceremony”;   defamed gay people as paedophiles and rapists to be feared, in reference, for example, to permitting gay scout masters, which is “the same as being an accessory to the rape of hundreds of boys”;  demonized gay people and those suffering from AIDS as “prey[ing] on children to replenish the ‘Homo- sexual Community’”;

This vial group of homophobic hate makers has provoked readers through a fundraising letter to “imagine a world where the police allow homosexual adults to rape young boys in the streets”;  promoted harmful, discredited conversion therapy as necessary and effective to rescue gay people from their orientation; and  mischaracterized national legislation to address an epidemic of anti-LGBT harassment at schools as “requir[ing] schools to teach appalling homosexual acts…force private and even religious schools to teach a pro-homosexual agenda…ram through their entire perverted vision for a homosexual America….create a new America based on sexual promiscuity.”

America, the land of the free,  evidently not if you are gay and live in Colorado, from this report which sickens me and most reasonable people throughout the world.  How this group of small minded bigots can get away with spouting such hate filled lies, untruths and misrepresentations is beyond understanding of what is acceptable behaviour in a so called civilised society.  Not only is it wholly inaccurate, misleading and horrible, it also sends a message to the wilder world that America is far from the liberated and welcoming destination it promotes itself to be.  It pours scorn on the very notion that in America all man are equal and turning the American ideal sour tainting the country’s reputation dramatically.

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