Divorce for Holmes and Cruise – but why – gay or Scientology?

Gay rumors have circulated around Tom Cruise for decades. They calm down a bit each time the actor marries. With the news of Tom’s impending divorcefrom actress Katie Holmes, the rumors are in full swing again.  There was a blog posted recently that even listed “5 Signs Tom Cruise Is Gay.” One interesting reason was that many celebrities join the church of Scientology for their homo cures or the church has dirt on the celebrity and forces them to join. Let’s see…Travolta and Cruise are both high-profile Scientologists and both have gay rumors swirling around them, reports Gawker.

Another sign that Tom may be gay is the reported lack of sex that ended his first marriage. Unless he’s impotent, he probably should have had sex with his wife. Unless, of course, he was having sex with dudes.

The blog author, Dennis Romero, contends that he thinks Cruise is not gay and he’s just being facetious. But, doesn’t it make you wonder? Just a bit?

Cruise has sued and won against a British tabloid that claimed his marriage to Nicole Kidman was a fake to cover his gayness. He also sued and won against a gay porn star who claimed to have had an affair with Cruise. And again, he sued the publisher of Bold Magazine for saying he had a video of Cruise being gay. It’s not that often that a celebrity takes the time and resources to sue tabloids.

In this author’s opinion, Cruise is one of the best actors of this century. He lights up the screen. He was born to be on the big screen, no doubt about it. Nobody can embody a character like Tom Cruise. However, Scientology has turned Tom’s brain to mush. Whatever intelligent thoughts he has are replaced with “Scientology-speak” making him sound insane. The entirechurch is a bit creepy.

David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of the church of Scientology, was Tom’s best man during his wedding to Katie. Miscavige also has a wife that’s been missing since 2006. He’s also a firearms expert. Hmmm…none of that sounds good, does it?

The good news is Katie is getting away from Scientology and taking Suri with her. Somebody should shut that cult down.

If Tom is gay, maybe he’ll come out after the Supreme Court rules that gay marriage should be legal in all states.

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