Top 50 Most Influential Gay Movies Book

Hey, it’s been a short while, but at last the first of a series of books from me is out,  The Top 50 Most Influential Gay Movies.

Following on from extensive research, watching, calculating and a veritable avalanche of emails the cogitation and compilation is complete and it’s now time to unveil the final Top 50 of those wonderful gay movies that hold some sort of influence over us.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.Available in printed from at £6.99 (or save 10%  and get it for £6.29 by ordering from lulu )  

Also available in a digital form exclusive to Amazon Kindle  for £3.88  representing excellent value.

This is an exciting time for me and I sincerely hope you will enjoy this comprehensive guide to the most influential gay movies of all time.

All top 50 movies have a full review, complete with synopsis and sometimes some reader/viewer comments and suggestions –  maybe yours is included?

Presented in a clear and easy to understand way, this really is designed to be an  gentle first insight into those special gay movies that have helped shape our emotions and our society.

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