Teen gang abuses gay man in Hartlepool.


A vile teenage gang subjected a gay man to sickening homophobic abuse in a street in Hartlepool, which they also filmed on a mobile phone.

This wayward gang of yobs shouted vile insults, banged on the victim’s car windows and tried to break into the vehicle by attempting to pry open its doors, all the while filming it on mobile telephones.

The incident happened when the 28 year-old openly gay man had parked up and was waiting for his aunt outside a local parade of shops in the Owton Manor area of Hartlepool.    Three boys then started the disgusting verbal attack.

Shortly after that fired off the verbal homophobic insults, five others joined in and the shouting and banging escalated.   At first the man tried to ignore them in the hope they would go away, but they carried on in a bid to get a reaction and cause maximum hurt and damage.

The ordeal lasted 20 minutes and only halted when his aunt returned from a shops and they were able to drive away.   The local Police are now investigating what they have described as a “hate crime”.

“It was completely unprovoked. I don’t even know who they are” The victim told the local newspaper, fearing from reprisals if he named them.  “But what could I do? They were intimidating, but they are just kids. I tried to just ignore them, but they were doing everything possible to try and get a reaction.   I think it’s a lack of education from both their schools and their parents.” He said.

The victim added: “They didn’t seem bothered by what they were doing. They just thought it was funny. I don’t know what the police can do, but they can’t just get away with doing something like that for no reason.  I’ve never had anything like this happen to me before and I hope nothing like it happens again.”

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: “We received a report of hate crime on Thursday and investigations are ongoing.”

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