Fine for homophobic tweet from UK Soccer player Hope Akpan

The UK Football Association has fined a Crawley Town Footballer over a homophobic comment on his Twitter…

A Crawley Town FC midfielder posted a tweet on his twitter account last month reading: “Gays all over the tele what’s wrong with Britain! Sorry I’m #FullyHomophobic.”

This week, Hope Akpan was fined £1,200 after admitting the FA misconduct charge.

The 20 year old player who has made 14 appearances for the club and scored two goals claims that someone in his family posted the comment without his knowledge, which was subsequently deleted a while later.
Akpan has admitted “acting in a manner which was improper and/or bringing the game into disrepute” but denies sending the tweet himself.

Mr Akpan said: “This is a very harsh lesson for me but given the circumstances I had no option but to plead guilty. It is clear that the person I thought would stand up for his actions did not and it has come with a heavy price to myself.  In relation to what was reported on my Twitter account I can only once again apologise. I did not write those words and they are certainly not my views.”

Crawley Town manager Steve Evans said: “I really feel sorry for young Hope. Another person should be ashamed of themselves and all they have done is create a difficult situation for the most honest and genuine lad anyone could wish to meet.The Football Association have acted and the matter is now closed. The young man can now get on with his football. I know he was deeply upset by it but, as I told him, he must learn from this.”
Mr Evans said the club does not “for one minute believe that he made that inappropriate comment.”
However,  if they don’t think for one minute that Akpan made the comment,  then what does Evans expected he ‘must’ learn.    Akpan has refused to speak to a gay fan in the past at the Crawley Town ground in Broadfield.   “He just spat at me and pushed passed” claims Tom a lifelong Crawley Town fan from Langley Green.

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