New Film – Homophobia

Jason’s article first published as Project Homophobia on Technorati.

Fresh from the amazing success of his short film The Boy Next Door (, that has been watched nearly two million times on YouTube alone, director  Gregor Schmidinger returns with news of his latest project.   This time the talented 26 year-old film maker turns his attention to the contentious issue of gay bullying.  Which, following the deaths of many young people recently, like Jamey Rodemeyer, is an even more important and emotive than before.
So first of all, what is this new film all about –  well,  put simply it’s the story of an adolescent boy, who serves in the Military, and everything is normal and usual until he experiences some homosexual feelings towards one of his comrades. Now, undergoing these feelings in an  uber-masculine, macho and homophobic environment makes it pretty much impossible to speak to anybody about the situation and the feelings.

The film enters the story on their last night at the Austrian-Hungarian border where the inner conflict bubbles up to the surface and forces the two characters to navigate through the crisis socially isolated and armed with loaded weapons.
I’ve read the English translation of the screenplay and seen the emotive, dark, intriguing and slightly foreboding mood teaser and it looks to be a very powerful and promising short film.  Homophobia is scheduled and designed to be a live action short film, with an estimate running time of  around 20 to 30 minutes.  Gregor and the team will shoot this powerful story on location in Austria to offer even more authenticity to the project.  At the moment the physical shooting should start sometime at the beginning of February 2012.  The plan is then to hold the World Premiere on or in the week of 17th May 2012.  That date is important, as that is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

It is an amazing project,  which you can also be part of, as one of the main ways to fund making the movie is crowdsourcing, Gregor has a page on Indie GoGo, which is a collaborative way of film making. People can make a small contribution if they desire to see this film made and in return they receive certain perks.  These perks range from seeing your name in the credits to being classed as an Executive Producer, oh and everyone that contributes gets a digital copy of the film.  They set a target of $6000, which as I write this has just been exceeded, however, that doesn’t mean you cant contribute,  you can,  all the further proceeds and contributions go to the It Gats Better project.  The It Gets Better Project is a project that fights gay bullying and provides LGBT teens with a perspective that indeed “It Gets Better”. Since we fight for the same cause, we decided on this social cause.   Find more information about the project on

Read the screenplay either in its German original or English translation. Additionally, you can read my Director’s Vision which explains the approach for the artistic execution of the script.  Contribute and make a real difference here.  Make sure to RSVP on Facebook in order to get a reminder and additional information before the event.
I am already in, anything that raises awareness of the horrific of homophobia and gay bullying has got to be a good thing, plus if The Boy Next Door is anything to go by,  Homophobia promises to be an impassioned, commanding and compelling film. Watch the mood teaser,  which is designed just to give you an idea, a little mood of the dialogue and music.   Homophobia Mood Teaser from Gregor Schmidinger on Vimeo.

Homophobia Mood Teaser from Gregor Schmidinger on Vimeo.

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