PayPal stops anti-gay sites payments.


PayPal has suspended the accounts of four anti-gay organizations in response to a campaign from gay activists.
According to the group, the websites of the Florida-based Truth in Action Ministries, formerly Coral Ridge Ministries, and Dove World Outreach Center are no longer accepting donations through the payment service.
Coral Ridge Ministries was founded by the late D. James Kennedy, an opponent of gay rights.
Last year, the Dove World Outreach Center vociferously opposed the campaign of Gainesville Mayor Craig Lowe.
“Here in Gainesville, they’re getting ready to have a runoff election between two candidates and one of them is openly a homo, gay, fag – whatever you want to call him, I don’t care,” Pastor Wayne Sapp says in a video. “Bottom line is we cannot afford a homo mayor.”

“We got one running for mayor of Gainesville, trying to convert Gainesville into Homoville,” Sapp adds. “We can’t have it.”
PayPal functionality on two additional sites outside of the United States has also been disabled. The website of Noua Drepta, an ultra-nationalist organization in Romania, and Julio Severo’s site Last Days Watchman no longer accept PayPal. In his book The Homosexual Movement (O Movimento Homossexual), Severo opposes the gay rights movement in Brazil. says PayPal is breaching its own ethics policy, which states that account holders “may not use the PayPal service for activities that … promote hate, violence, racial intolerance.”
Nearly 40,000 people have signed the group’s petition calling on PayPal to disable the accounts of 10 anti-gay groups.
The group is also targeting: Abiding Truth Ministries, New Generation Ministries, Faithful Word Baptist Church, Family Research Institute, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality and American Society for the Defense of Traditional Family and Property.
Source  OnTop

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