Kentucky lesbian couple beaten and attacked with fireworks


american flag 2a A lesbian couple were attacked with fireworks during Independence Day celebrations in Kentucky, in what has been described as a hate crime attack.

Misty Turner and Brandy Standifer had lived openly in Harlam County with Turner’s 5-year-old son and a 3-year-old daughter for three years and had not previously experienced any problems in the community because of their sexuality.

However, on July 4, as the couple settled down with family to watch the fireworks in a church car park, a crowd at a nearby house began shooting fireworks at them, reports

Turner said the fireworks landed among her group, burning her son and 80-year-old grandmother.

"There was just sparks everywhere," she said, reports the UK’s Pink paper. Turner said that when her father walked toward the group and she went after him to stop him, people in the group attacked her. When Standifer tried to intervene, others from the group started hitting and kicking her and knocked her to the ground. She says that only her and Standifer were targeted by the group.

She reports hearing the crowd calling the couple “dykes” and other offensive comments about their sexuality.

Turner is now seeking help from the Kentucky Equality Federation, because she believes she was not treated fairly during court proceedings against the attackers.

Her family were not allowed in the courtroom, while the attackers family were. She also felt offended by the attackers attorney, Otis Doan, questions.

Doan asked Turner if she promoted her lesbian lifestyle and still had custody of her children even though she was a lesbian.

Turner said she and Standifer are recovering physically, but the attack terrorised her children.

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