Lois Frankel: Why Allen West Should Retire


Allen West is at it again – this time, he’s attacking the LGBT community by comparing being gay to liking chocolate chip ice cream and riding scooters.

West topped it all off yesterday by telling the Sun-Sentinel‘s editorial board: "People can change their sexual behaviour."

No — you can’t. But you can change your Congressman.

West’s comments are absurd, offensive, and ignorant — but it’s what we’ve come to expect from him these days.

Allen West is a tea party radical who would rather spout off discriminatory rhetoric like this on women, gays, and anybody who disagrees with him.

Florida deserves better. Rather than focusing jobs, he is condemning gays in the same disturbing pattern of behaviour as his sexist attacks on Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz and last month’s statement that letting gays serve openly would "destroy the military". And we wonder what is wrong with Washington?

But the real danger of Allen West goes far deeper than his disturbing comments.

In the very same interview, he hailed the debt deal passed in Washington last week as "70 to 75 per cent" of what he wanted. That’s the same deal that lead to the weakening of our economy and the downgrade of our AAA credit rating by S&P. That is the same deal that is threatening to put our economy back into a recession.

Conservative radicals like Allen West cannot be allowed to run the U.S. Congress anymore. We need to replace him with a progressive champion that will fight for the middle class and defend the rights of everyone.
If elected, I promise to be that leader for Florida.

Full article on Huffington Post –

Lois Frankel: Why Allen West Should Retire

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