The UK Riots


Many UK’s city centres are unrecognisable at the moment following sickening sights of mass riots, criminal behaviour, civil unrest and lawlessness,  reports Jason Shaw.

I like the vast majority of the population are sickened and dismayed by the actions of a tiny minority,  even more so as the riots are turning their attentions away from looting and criminal damage to attacking people.  Including innocent people not only being robbed,  but stripped of all their clothes also.

Man forced by rioters to strip

A woman forced to strip by mob  finds a police officer

A dazed and blooded teenager, cowering,  appears to be helped up by a rioter,  but is then mugged.  I don’t recognise this as my country any more,  this is not the England I call home,  this is a broken land.


Name the looters, make them pay for their criminal activity.

I feel so helpless,  I’ve managed to get in touch my friends who work for the emergency services in London, they are Okay at the moment,  but don’t know for how long.   Reports tell of fire crews and paramedics also being attacked by mobs as they try to help, protect and save lives.
There are so many tales of horror,  so many stories of lawlessness and criminal damage,  so far we only know of one fatality of the riots,  but how many more that we don’t know about?   Will we find in the days to come the burnt remains of people trapped in the numerous buildings set on fire by the marauding mobs of criminals?  I hope not,  but I doubt that hope will prevail.

Escaping the flames in Croydon last night

Jason Shaw’s Seafront Diary

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