Film company Peccadillo Pictures has stock destroyed in riot blaze


Gay-friendly film distribution company Peccadillo Pictures has suffered a devastating loss after its stock was destroyed in a blaze brought on by a riot attack, last night, reports the UK’s PinkPaper.

60,000 DVDs with an estimated value of at least £720,000 were destroyed in the Sony warehouse blaze in Enfield, north London, as rioters continued to bring destruction to the capital.   We report on the story before any other gay press.   The company, which specialises in arthouse and queer cinema, has distributed award-winning films such as XXY, Summer Storm and Eyes Wide Open. 

Today, manager Tom Abell spoke to exclusively.   "All of our DVDs have gone. The Sony warehouse held almost all of our stock and now we have nothing to sell," he said.
Abell, who was on holiday abroard when he heard the news, added: "I got a call at 4am UK time this morning saying that the warehouse was on fire. It has since burned to the ground. It’s completely destroyed."

He is currently traveling back to the UK to assess the extent of the damage.
"It dents our cash flow enormously. In the short-term we have to re-arrange things, such as re-schedule our August releases, so for the next couple of months things will be tight."
"But it’s not just our stock. Lots of independent record labels had their stock at the warehouse so it’s devastating for many small businesses, not to mention Sony."

Despite this, Abell is confident that it will not have long-term implications on the company.
"We are now starting to replace our stock, so this should only be a short-term issue" he said.
When asked how he feels about the riots that are happening across the UK, Abell said:
"There are lots of people taking the opportunity to loot and steal, but these riots don’t happen unless there is a root cause. It’s not just people being greedy. There has to be a social problem, which will now need to be addressed.
"It’s just a shame that so many of us have to suffer. That said, these people who are responsible should be brought to justice and punished."

Thanks to PinkPaper.

EXCLUSIVE: Film company Peccadillo Pictures has stock destroyed in riot blaze –

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