Thousands of tax dollars funded a study on penis size in the gay community


The UK’s Daily Mail newspaper,  often dubbed the Daily Hate Mail  or The Daily Stale for it’s harsh, homophobic or rehashing of old stories as new news likes to put a spin on things and stretch the truth a bit.   Here’s another one of their more tame,  interesting stories that they pulled off from the American FOX TV network about research into a gay man’s manhood.

Before you read the following article from the Daily Mail,  one thing you need to remember is,  that it was commissioned by an openly heterosexual!

As the country plunges further into debt and with the small task of securing a multi-trillion dollar deal still on the cards, it has emerged that thousands of tax dollars were wasted on a study examining the correlation between a gay man’s penis size and his sex life.

The study was among several backed by the National Institutes of Health who granted almost $900,000 in one year on this and other studies.

The institute has come under scrutiny from a group claiming the agency is wasting valuable tax dollars at a time when the country is trying to control its debt.

Under fire: The National Institutes of Health has come under scrutiny for wasting tax payers money on 'wacky' studies

Under fire: The National Institutes of Health has come under scrutiny for wasting tax payers money on ‘wacky’ studies

The Traditional Values Coalition drew attention to the report as part of a six-month investigation into NIH grants for examples of ‘institutional waste’.

It has not been ascertained how much of the $900,000 grant went to he 2009 report, called The Association Between Penis Size and Sexual Health Among Men Who Have Sex with Men, but the coalition release stated that at least $9.4 million went to a ten-year study that included the penis-size research.

According to Fox, the grant was administered by NIH’s National Institute on Drug Abuse, and went first to a group called Public Health Solutions and a researcher with the National Development and Research Institutes before going to individual researchers.

It compiled data from a survey of more than one thousand gay and bisexual men at events in New York city held for the gay community.

Those who participated were given a free movie voucher.

Grant: A study was funded about the correlation of a gay man's penis size and his sex life

Grant: A study was funded about the correlation of a gay man’s penis size and his sex life

President of the Traditional Values Coaltion Andrea Lafferty said: ‘This country is broke and we cannot spend money on this kind of stuff.

‘We’ve got nameless, faceless bureaucrats who thought this was a good use of taxpayer money.

‘But, at the end of the day, it was the NIH directors who signed off on it. These nameless, faceless bureaucrats seem to think the American taxpayers are a limitless ATM machine.

‘We’re spending money on wacky stuff. The president has said he’s going to hunt down waste. Well, I’m going to give it to him on a platter.’

Among its findings, the 2009 report found that gay men with a below average penis size were more likely to be the ‘receiving partner’ while those with above average penis sizes were said to be the ‘giving partner’.

Those with an average size said they were versatile in the bedroom.

The study, which last year was published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, claimed there previously had been ‘little research among men who have sex with men assessing the association between penis size and socio-sexual health’.

One of the researchers involved with the report told Fox News that NIH funding was only used to help ‘analyse and write up’ data that had already been collected without the use of taxpayer funds.

Jeffrey Parsons, a professor with Hunter College, said: ‘The data were not collected using taxpayer funds. NIH funds were not used to measure anyone’s penis size.’

He said that the report referenced a much broader ‘post-doctoral training programme’ of which the penis-study funding was a ‘small’ part.

He said: ‘To suggest that $9.4 million dollars was spent to study penis sizes is factually inaccurate and simply designed to create news.’

Thousands of tax dollars funded a study on penis size in the gay community | Mail Online

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