Sixty per cent of New Zealander’s Support Gay Marriage



A new poll shows a majority of New Zealanders are in favour of same-sex marriage, which researchers say shows attitudes are ahead of legislation, reports GayNZ.   Research New Zealand asked a question in its most recent social poll to establish the attitudes of New Zealanders to same sex marriages.

It found 60 per cent of respondents 18 years and over believe that same sex marriages should be permitted in New Zealand, while 34 per cent are opposed. Two per cent state that there is little or no difference between civil unions and marriage, while a further two per cent do not know.

Females are in favour of same sex marriages to a larger extent than males by 66 per cent to 54 per cent. Likewise, a higher proportion of males than females oppose same sex marriages at 41 per cent to 27. The attitude to same sex marriage is strongly related to age group; in the age group 15–34 years, 70 per cent are in favour compared to 44 per cent among those 55 years and over.

There were no significant differences in attitude between respondents in other demographics such as ethnicity, area, income.

"This shows that attitudes in this area are in advance of legislation," says Research New Zealand Director Emanuel Kalafatelis. Sixty percent of Kiwis support gay marriage

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