Miami Gay-Bashing Club Calls Gay Activists "Bigoted Extremists" –


The Miami-based Christian Family Coalition is standing strong in support of Oakland Park Commissioner Jed Shank, who voted against a proclamation last month to recognize Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride & Equality Month because, he said, it was disrespectful to dads to recognize the gays but not Father’s Day.

This morning the coalition

sent out an email to what could have been as many as 150,000 people saying Shank was "shamelessly attacked for defending Father’s Day!" The Sun-Sentinel reports.

"These bigoted extremists owe Commissioner Jed Shank, and everyone else a public apology. Of course, they won’t do it, thus showing their true agenda of hate, bigotry, intolerance and discrimination," wrote executive director Anthony Verdugo, before returning to his cave-lair of evil.
Somewhere, a pot called a kettle black, except the kettle was like, all rainbow-colored and not really black.

Verdugo has a history of being a slime-sucking double-talker: He said after Carlos Gimenez was elected Miami-Dade mayor that "the vast majority of Miami-Dade residents were "rightly alarmed by his disconcerting links to a couple of fringe hate groups operating locally." He was talking about gay rights organizations that supported Gimenez in the election.

The Miami Herald reported on a similarly worded press release yesterday that may be the same statement; in it, Verdugo asks "Since when is a proclamation extolling ‘pride’ in biologically aberrant sexual behavior and practices more important than celebrating a nationally observed day honoring fathers?" and calls last month’s gay pride vote an "anti-Family, antisocial Aberrosexualist proclamation." Love thy neighbor indeed.

Miami Gay-Bashing Club Calls Gay Activists "Bigoted Extremists" – Miami News – Riptide 2.0

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