Lesbian couple win £200,000 compensation.


Great news for a  lesbian couple from Northampton, who  have won £200,000 compensation.    A neighbour took four years to renovate a Victorian house,  which was the basis of the case  – Samantha Jones and her partner Rachel Lovegrove won a court ruling last year which said they had been subjected to a “campaign of harassment” by developer Liam Ruth.

In that case they were originally awarded  £96,800,  the court said this was for both the stress it caused and the structural damage done to their home.  The breakdown of which is listed as £6,000 for harassment,£30,000 for nuisance and £12,950 for repairs, plus £350 for additional inconveniences.

Some may have considered this fair,  but not Ms Jones,  who fought on and took her case to the Court of Appeal.    The local court of appeal upped the total payout to £210,550 after ruling Jones was also due compensation for “personal injuries”, including anxiety and depression-induced back pain.

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