Teacher Blames Larry King For His Own Murder.


The murder case in a California court took a turn for the worse yesterday when a former teacher,  tried to blame the dead victim for his own murder.

In a shocking revelation the former school official testified that Larry King had used sexually inappropriate comments to other students in the weeks before the shooting.    Joy Epstein also told jurors Monday that 15-year-old Larry King pushed boundaries by wearing women’s high-heeled boots and makeup.   The former vice president of E. O. Green School says she warned Larry that dressing differently could make things hard on him but that she and other teachers didn’t discourage him because it didn’t violate the school’s dress code.

Another teacher Martha Romero said "The one time I recall, there was blue eye-shadow, maybe blush”  The assistant principal testified that she noticed the change is King’s appearance, hearing students snicker at the way he was dressed. 

Dawn Boldrin a former teacher at the school testified that she had had  many conversations with King and that she said she thought McInerney had set off a firecracker when she heard the gunshots in the classroom.

Brandon McInerney,  the boy charged with shooting King twice in the head was described by his former science teacher as "excellent" when it came to his attitude and politeness in her class.

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