Edinburgh–Scottish Church In Crises Over Gays


The Church of Scotland may very well be in a state of crisis according to some,  for they are warning that at least three Edinburgh churches could break away from the Church of Scotland over the gay ministers debate.

The local newspaper The Scotsman is reporting that because of the recent  vote by the Kirk’s General Assembly back in May to be more accepting ministers in same-sex partnerships,  has caused a crisis.

They are saying that many inside the church are divided on the issue and several are about to jump ships and quit. 

At a meeting of Evangelical churchmen from across Scotland, three Edinburgh ministers made it clear that they were also considering their positions, they report.

The Rev David Court, minister of New Restalrig Church, Willowbrae Road, said it would be "a dereliction of duty" if those opposed to the decision did not take "significant action".
The Rev Jeremy Middleton, of Davidson’s Mains Church, said: "We cannot simply shrug our shoulders and pretend nothing has happened."
And the Rev Dr Robin Sydserff, of St Catherine’s Argyle, Grange Road, said some form of separation was inevitable. The Assembly agreed to set up a theological commission to report in 2013 on whether to accept people in same-sex relationships for training and ordination as ministers, but it also voted by 351 to 294 in favour of such a move.

Mr Court told the meeting, attended by around 650 ministers and elders, that accepting the Assembly’s position was "not an option for me or my kirk session". He said: "Many of us do not wish to be connected to an institution that so publicly and so clearly rejects the Bible’s teaching." And he added: "We may well either be forced to leave or be put out of the Church of Scotland."
Mr Middleton, who is co-coordinating the Evangelical response across Scotland, told his fellow churchmen: "We find ourselves facing in the opposite direction from the church in which we seek to serve."

A Church of Scotland spokesman said: "It would be disappointing if any congregation felt the need to leave the church when no final decisions have been taken."

Kirk quit threat over gay debate – Edinburgh Evening News

One response

  1. David Court is lucky. It was socially acceptable for him to sow his wild oats in his teens. His gay friends didn’t have that luxury.

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