Aussie Christians Complain About Gay Ad

Jason Shaw

Christian groups are behind a campaign to topple sexual health advertisement programme in Queensland, Australia.

The allegedly controversial Rip & Roll advertising campaign for the Queensland Association of Healthy Communities has become the most complained about ad so far this year, down under.   

So far Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) said last week they had had  275 complaints regarding the campaign.   It’s a simple poster featuring an image of two men embracing while holding a condom was attacked by the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) and initially removed from bus shelters by advertising company Adshel, before public outcry saw them put back.

The ASB did not reveal how many of the 275 complaints came from the ACL.   However,  the ACL is known to have launched a letter and emailing campaign against the poster,  with some members writing as many as six or seven letters,  each with different identities on them, according to a member inside the group who was ashamed of such underhanded and unchristian methods.

“Of the 10 most complained about ads between January and the end of June, six related to people’s beliefs, values and personal choices,” ASB chief executive Fiona Jolly said.  “People’s attitudes in relation to homosexuality were one of the main reasons for the high number of complaints received about a recent Rip & Roll billboard and poster.”

Further more,  after review, the Rip & Roll was approved by ASB in June, finding it did not break any advertising or marketing code of ethics.

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