Gay Aussies To Be Banned From Going To New York?


In a strange and incredibly homophobic move, the Australian government is about to apply an blanket ban on  the marriages of gay Australians in New York.

It was a ground breaking,  world observed moment when the US state of New York approved gay marriage, which comes into force later this month. This will also allow same-sex couples from other countries to be married as long as they can provide  a ‘Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage (CNI)’  which shows they are not already married in their home country.

However,  the Australian Government has confirmed it will continue to refuse to issue these certificates to  same sex couples,  who want to cement and celebrate their love for each other, albeit in another country.     This policy was defended by Julia Gillard, the homophobic and discriminatory Australian Prime Minister, on14th of June, 2011.

Gillard has also told friends and colleagues that she wants to end the world famous Sydney Mardi Gras celebrations and gay pride festival.

"The Gillard Government’s policy of not allowing same-sex marriages in Australia forces same-sex couples to go overseas if they want to marry, but when they apply to marry in another country Julia Gillard is there saying "no" as well", said Mr Greenwich of Australian Marriage Equality National Convener.   "This means some couples miss out on entitlements and protections they can only receive overseas if they are married in a country that would otherwise recognise their commitment, and it causes endless hassles for couples who have planned their wedding only to find it can’t go ahead."

On Wednesday, the openly gay South Australian Labor State Upper House member, Ian Hunter, condemned  Gillard’s Government refusal to issue CNIs and revealed he and his partner have officially applied for a CNI to marry overseas.

“It’s one thing to not support equality in your own country,  but to effectively bar citizens from being about to travel overseas and enjoy the laws and regulations of that other country is utterly absurd”  says gay rights commentator and writer Jason Shaw.  “It is not only discriminatory, homophobic and offensive,  its also an attack on the basic human rights and freedoms of gay and lesbian Australian nationals.  The message it send to America is stuff you,  we don’t recognise your laws”


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