UK Opera To Go Ahead Now


The ‘Beached’ opera from Billy Elliot creator Lee Hall is to go ahead now,  after a massive climb down by Hall.

The project was pulled because of the word queer,  Emma Hobbs the head of the primary school involved objected to this and pretty much all the other gay issues in the piece -  which is about tolerance.

Emma Hobbs  said she was concerned about the “emotional wellbeing” of the children and wanted to protect them from “offensive language”.  remember the offensive language here is the word queer.  Now,  how many 11 year old do you think have not heard or used much worse.   Indeed,  if they watch TV after nine at night,  they’ll hear shit, piss, fuck and c*nt!

The year-long project had been commissioned by Opera North using public funds, which would have been lost was all set to be scrapped.

However, this morning reports have come out that  the July 15th show will now go ahead.

“Of course I’m queer/That’s why I left here/So if you infer/That I prefer/A lad to a lass/And I’m working class/I’d have to concur.”   were the objectionable words. 

Mr Hall’s climb down means the words have been changed to “Of course I’m gay/That’s why I went away./So if you infer/That I prefer/A lad to a lass/And him working class/I’d have to concur.”

“We are delighted to announce that the revisions which the school requested have now been made and the author has addressed the points raised by the school” Comes a statement from the local council. “This has enabled the community opera, Beached, to continue. The final libretto is now an age appropriate text which was all the school had requested. The play retained the inclusion of a gay character, Professor Sewerby, who remains central to the play’s dramatic message.

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