Australian Parliament To Hear Gay Marriage Views–But Only For 5 Minutes.


Parliament in Australia has agreed to set aside some  time next month for MPs to speak out on the issue of gay marriage, a loud cheer may come from the gay community,  but it is a very short one,  much like the debate -   just five minutes.

It was last November when parliament passed a Greens motion calling on MPs to consult their constituents on who should be entitled to marry.    On Tuesday evening the House of Representatives agreed that members should report back in mid-August on those consultations.

Recent Australian polls have been showing a slim majority of public support for changing the Marriage Act, to allow same sex couples to enter into marriage.  However,  Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition Leader Tony Abbott have expressed deep opposition to any amendment.   Gillard is well known views and blatant discrimination toward the gay community and has privately said she wished to end the Mardi Gras in Sydney for good.

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