Colorado Springs Mayor Wants Diversity–Except Gay People!


BachColorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach has refused to give way on his pans to make the city as a diverse and welcoming city -  but that diversity and welcome doesn’t gay people.


The mayor has refused to sign any proclamations from the gay community regarding pride, or acceptance of gay people, or even welcoming them.   He made it clear, before he was elected,  that he wouldn’t support any gay related issues such as a proclamation. 

However, the Colorado Springs Pride Centre asked anyway for a proclamation.  Bach clearly rejected the request. ‘My priorities are to transform our city government so that it works for everyone again and lead the charge to facilitate job creation for our citizens,’ the mayor wrote in a letter to Charles Irwin, the centre’s executive director. ‘Therefore, I will not be signing proclamations such as you requested,’ he wrote."

Just another example of how far there is to go in America.  

One response

  1. I’m sure someday Bach will understand the importance of gay people..

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