A New Zealand Church Protests AGAINST Discrimination of Gays!


All too often we hear news of various churches protesting about gays, about gays in the church, about equality and so on,  that  it comes as a surprise when a stand against gay discrimination is made by a church.      In Auckland, the  church of St Matthew’s in the City is using its billboard to protest the Anglican Church’s stance on gays and lesbians.

The billboard displays a "gay-dar" meter that shows "straight" on one side and "gay" on the other and suggests the Church uses this to determine who its potential priests might be.  Vicar Glynn Cardy says St Matthew’s has had enough of New Zealand Anglican bishops refusing to consider any candidate for ordination who is gay or lesbian and in a committed relationship, reports TVNZ.

"We see this as an issue of discrimination that harms not only the gay and lesbian community, but society and ultimately the church as well," Cardy explains.

The New Zealand Anglican Church has been debating the issue of ordaining gays and lesbians since the 1990s.

Cardy says some bishops in New Zealand have in the past ordained gay and lesbian candidates.

But he says following the the international furore around the 2004 consecration of Gene Robinson – an American priest who is gay and in a committed relationship – New Zealand’s bishops have seemed "more concerned to promote unity with the majority rather than uphold justice for a minority".

The church has initiated a petition in the parish and online asking people to support their call.

Thanks to -  TVNZ NATIONAL News

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