Liverpool Pride Moves


Liverpool gay pride is on the move!   One of the UK’s top new pride events is making a move away from the gay centre of the city up to the pier head.

Last year’s inaugural event for the Merseyside gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community attracted around 21,000 people in to the city centre in the gay area and Dale Street was closed to traffic.

However,  organisers of this year’s event  said they did not have enough funding to repeat the exercise, so they’ve had to get an alternative location.   Although they said they were “delighted” to be able to use the Pier Head, some festival goers were unhappy with the decision.  

Cath Chapman, told the local newspaper, Liverpool Echo “The general feeling is that we would rather pay £5 each and have the festival in the gay quarter than move it to the Pier Head.  Last year was so fantastic and the gay quarter was brought to life. The organisers shouldn’t be turning their backs.  There are a lot of struggling businesses who need help. They feel cheated that it’s moving from the quarter”

There is also talk in the local area of some members of the local community boycotting the official pride at the pier head and staying around the gay area.

“People are already talking of boycotting Pride and staying in the gay quarter.”

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