Hong Kong Hate? How can Hong Kong do this?

Hong Kong just became the first government in the world to sponsor “ex-gay therapy” presentations. 

The city-state just hired discredited psychologist Hong Kwai-wah, who believes being gay can be “cured” with treatments like cold showers and abstinence, to train staff at its Social Welfare Department.

It’s dangerous: Mental health experts say that people who go through “ex-gay” therapy emerge with lower self-esteem and a higher risk of suicide (and Hong Kong youth have sky-high rates of suicide already).

That’s why Dan Choi — West Point graduate, veteran, and renowned gay-rights advocate — is working with Truth Wins Out to ask the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department to immediately end its affiliation with Hong Kwai-wah and his regressive ideas. Click here to join Dan’s Change.org petition to keep “ex-gay therapy” out of Hong Kong.

Hong Kwai-wah is affiliated with the U.S.-based organization Exodus International, which publicly claims that homosexuality is linked with pedophilia. Even worse, Exodus participated in events in Uganda in which supporters of that country’s infamous “Kill the Gays” bill organized to criminalize homosexuality.

Earlier this year, Truth Wins Out and Change.org members won a high-profile victory against Exodus when more than 150,000 of us successfully petitioned Apple to pull their “ex-gay” iPhone app from the iTunes App Store.

We can win again. Sign Dan’s petition to tell the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department to end its sponsorship of “ex-gay therapy” now:



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