Bullies attack 1 in 5 gay students!


The new survey, drawn from 181 Minnesota teens, also found that a majority of GLBT students have been verbally harassed at school.The majority of gay students in Minnesota have been verbally harassed in school, and one in five has been punched, kicked or violently injured over sexual orientation, according to new survey.

The results, based on responses from 181 Minnesota teens in 2009, show that bullying remains a particular problem for students who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (GLBT). The results also amplify the concerns, raised last year by the suicide of a gay student at Anoka High School, that some districts don’t do enough to protect this population.

"More needs to be done to ensure that LGBT students are safe and have an equal opportunity to learn," said Dr. Joseph Kosciw, a senior director with the New York-based Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, which produced the survey data.

The network originally released national bullying data last fall, based on survey responses from 7,261 students of U.S. middle or high schools. The Minnesota figures were released Monday.

Full report


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