Russell T Davies Claims: ‘Cameron and Clegg are evil’


One of the UK’s leading TV writer and creator, Russell T Davies launched an outspoken attack on David Cameron and Nick Clegg the leaders of the UK’s coalition government over spending cuts to the nations premier broadcaster the BBC.

Davies, one of the BBC’s senior writers, has called the leaders “savage and evil people”  he claimed the Conservative Party was “buffoonish” but “lethal as a laser”.    The BBC is facing wide ranging and sweeping cuts,  which will see a massive cut back in services, shows, talent and buildings.

Davies who rose to BBC fame with work first on a children’s TV show called Children’s Ward,  he was also the main man behind the amazing ground breaking  Queer as Folk, latterly famed for  Torchwood and the re launched  Doctor Who, was talking on a BBC radio show,  which itself is facing big budget cuts, about the effect of spending cuts on the broadcaster.

Davies said: “That Clegg and Cameron photo opportunity, at the bed, ‘oh, we’re all laughing’ – they are savage and evil people underneath it all.   There is a great intelligence behind the Tory party that says let’s appear slightly bumbling and slightly buffoonish, while they are lethal as a laser underneath it all,” he added.

Davies claimed that the BBC would face more cuts in the future and that the 9pm watershed was more “stringent” than ever.   Cameron recently  said there was no truth in the gossip that he’d already agreed to ban gay kisses from TV prior to 9pm,  yet the supposed ‘inaccurate’ report is right now circulating in the Commons. 

Back in 2009 before the election win,  Davies said the that the party, if it won power, would “dismantle it slowly”.    He’s been proved right,   they have started already,  earlier in the year they tried to force the BBC to close one of the national radio stations -  mass public opposition forced a U turn, now the World Service faces massive cutbacks.  There are massive job losses all over the BBC and they are even selling off the iconic TV centre in London.

The Rainbow Post supports Mr Davies in his views.

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