Protest Planned At Russian Embassy In London


An ever increasing number of gay and lesbian people plan to put on a protest outside the Russian Embassy in London, UK on 1 July.     During this protest they will demand that Russia’s voting rights at the Council of Europe be revoked.

A European Court of Human Rights ruling said that  Moscow’s yearly bans of gay pride marches violate the European Convention on Human Rights. 

This year a small group of people tried to  defy the ban, but were arrested by the police.  There was also a number of anti gay thugs that were set to beat and attack the gay campaigners.

"Russia has shown itself to be unsuitable to have a say in the Council of Europe," claim organizers of the protest  "Russia must issue a full apology to the protesters and take steps to prosecute those who are known to have taken part in violence against peaceful protesters. It must also commit to implementing full police protection for future Moscow Pride events. Until it has taken these steps, Russia should have its vote on the Council of Europe suspended."

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