Aussie Soap Goes Gay–at last!


It’s been a fave of UK and Australian TV watchers for a decade, but now finally the Australian soap Neighbours is moving with the times and is about to get it’s first gay couple!  

School basketball captain Chris, played by James Mason, will hook up with male nurse Aidan Foster (Bob Morley), according to the Herald Sun.   Executive producer of the long running show, Susan Bower, said it was time to introduce some romance into Chris’ life.

“To be true to the Chris character, now he is a regular in storylines, we knew at some stage he needed to meet someone,” she told the Herald Sun. “How it unfolds, all will be revealed, however I think viewers will find the story compelling.”

Morley, who has initially been given a six-month contract, is happy to play the role. “I don’t see it as a big deal that the character is gay,” he said.

“It certainly doesn’t define him and what the writers have planned is really interesting and authentic.”

We are delighted that the soap is finally catching up with society on the whole gay issue!

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