Criminal Case launched Over Moscow Gay Pride


Criminal case has been launched over Gay Pride assault it’s being reported today.


A criminal case is being launched against those who attacked a journalist at Saturday’s Gay Pride march.

Elena Kostyuchenko was struck on the head during the unauthorised parade, which was attacked by right wing protestors and stamped out by the police. She has since received treatment to her ear.

“A criminal case has been launched over the attack on Novaya Gazeta journalist Elena Kostyuchenko at Moscow’s gay parade, for causing deliberate bodily harm with malicious motives,” Dmitry Kolbasin, spokesman for human rights group Agora, told Interfax.

Tayana Lukashevich, an investigator at the Kitai-Gorod police station, told Kobasin about the charges on Wednesday and promises to give further information on Friday.   Police announced that after questioning Kostyuchenko they were planning to interrogate a suspect, who had been detained and bailed.

Novaya Gazeta’s press secretary also said that a criminal case is underway, adding that Kostyuchenko’s diagnosis has not yet been confirmed.

There may or may not be concussion, “but all the same Lena has received a very painful injury. She has sustained damage to her ear, as a result of which she currently has problems with her hearing and is undergoing treatment,” the press-secretary said.

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