The gay divide–a report on The Church Of Scotland


The Church of Scotland is being starved of donations due to the growing schism in the Kirk over moves to allow gay ministers, reports the Sunday Herald

The Church has been riven with internal divisions since its decision to set up a special commission on same-sex relationship in the ministry in 2009.

An internal report by Glasgow Presbytery described how in one church – St George’s Tron in Glasgow – the “general disquiet and sadness about the Church of Scotland’s decision to set up a special commission on this matter had been a contributory factor in several members directing their sacrificial giving and tithing towards the congregation’s evangelical ministry and outreach, rather than the central funds of the Church of Scotland”.

Over the next few years, it is believed a rising number of church members across the evangelical churches will also begin withholding donations. One minister, the Rev David Randall of Loudon Church, Newmilns, has long objected to the proposal. He said he believed there would be a “considerable campaign of non-co-operation – basically, not giving money”.

This threat adds to the wider one that many of the ministers and congregations may split from the Kirk. A Church of Scotland secret ballot revealed one in five ministers is considering leaving. The Kirk faces a potentially crippling multi-million-pound dispute over ownership of its churches, should this happen.

full story   -  – Herald Scotland

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