Moscow Pride Will Go Ahead !


According to Russian Activists,  Moscow Pride will still go ahead, despite being banned by authorities.     Nikolai Alexeyev told reporters that he and other campaigners will continue to host Moscow Pride.

The news comes after Moscow City Hall are said to have granted permission for a parade against sexual perversion instead.  
"We will stage our event on Saturday May 28 as planned,"

"We will defy the illegal ban and this year more than ever we are not scared of any arrest; we will face any legal consequences," he added.     Referring to a European Court of Human Rights ruling which said Moscow officials were wrong to ban the parade, he added: "Any incident will be under the responsibility of the illegal and irresponsible decision taken by the city hall.

"It is important that everyone understand that this year the side of the law changed. We are right and they are wrong."

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  1. GinoI was in the same situation as trsitian. I was in the closet and thought my whole world would fall apart if I came out. Still other things happened. I came out to my parents, who were absolutely relieved that I finally saw for myself that I was gay. And most of my friends thought it was okay. I am now at the point where I do not have the balls to tell everyone who begins about the subject of being gay, that I am actually gay. This video was great for me and a good inspiration. Guess I should come up for the fact that I’m gay. Thanks Davey!

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