Football fan sites swamped with homophobia!


New research has found that internet forums for football fans are swamped with homophobic abuse, reports the UK’s Pink Paper.

More than 8,000 threads containing homophobic wording have been revealed through the study, which was carried out over a 16 week period last year, analysing 400 internet mediums for football fans, such as message boards, blogs, websites and fan forums.

Of these threads, no less than 1,500 comments contained severe homophobic abuse and anti-gay hate language including phrases such as ‘hang all faggots’, ‘all gays should die,’ ‘homosexuality is a disease or brain damage of some sort’ and ‘fucking scum of humanity stone them to death.’

Over 48% of the total homophobia was considered as ‘general/casual verbal abuse’ that is of a ‘soft’ nature. Examples include ‘I don’t want any gay trying to cop off with me when I play’, ‘what’s the problem with homophobia – it’s a bit of banter?’ and ‘I don’t think teasing or taunting people who are gay counts as being homophobic’.

Around 5% of the abuse was aimed directly at football players – of which 10% was directed at the English leagues from North American website fans, and a similar amount directed towards English/European leagues and other competition from the South American supporters of the game.

This research, undertaken by football campaigner Lindsay England is in reaction to academic research which has been produced in recent years surveying only a handful of willing people from within the game including fans, players and managers.

The report continues – –

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