Australian PM Facing Gay Union Debate.


JULIA Gillard, the Australian PM and gay hater,  faces a divisive debate over gay unions,  gay marriage amid Victorian ALP attempts to have the policy included on the national platform.

The Victorian ALP conference is set to debate a motion tomorrow calling for all adult couples to have the legal right to marry.  The Prime Minister, who has opposed same-sex marriages and gay equality is all set to be the keynote speaker at the conference.

The motion calls for same-sex marriages to be recognised and registered by law, regardless of sexual orientation or gender. The federal relations policy committee motion is expected to be backed by Victorian Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews.

Tomorrow’s motion, detailed in ALP conference papers, draws on last year’s backing by federal Finance Minister Penny Wong, who supported change in South Australia amid strong opposition from sections of the party’s Right.

If the conference passes the motion, Victoria would become the largest state to support reform, intensifying pressure for change at the next ALP national conference.

Ms Gillard has previously welcomed a debate on the issue at national conference but opposed same-sex marriage. "I do believe that in our society, with our heritage, with our traditions, with our history, that marriage has a special place and special definition," she said last year.

"So I’ve been very clear about that, but I will also be saying to party members at our national conference that it is the right forum to be debating ideas about this topic and more broadly."

Mr Andrews said changes to family law was a federal issue.

Source The Australian

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