Tell Secrets, Tell No Lies, Confessions of a closetless queen.

Book review from Jason Shaw
Bruce Headrick
He was Neil Sedaka’s Calendar Boy, a secret lover to Richard Simmons and partied with Elton John where coke was piled high – and we’re not talking the soft drink here!    He was stripper,  a escort and a porn star,  now Bruce Headrick aka Blake McDonald lifts the lid on all the steamy secrets of his wayward past.  Love twists, sexual adventures with the famous from screen, stage and politics this former hustler tells all in his memoirs Tell Secrets,  Tell No Lies.
In the pages of Tell Secrets, Tell No Lies,  Bruce walks us through what on the outside seemed like an idyllic  childhood, but had hidden trials, troubles and tribulations.   He details in honest the time he was nabbed by the police from the local bookstore, he was just 16 at the time –  

The bookstore had a XXX-rated peep show arcade in the back. A friend from high school worked there and would let me in knowing that I was underage. No questions were ever asked.

It was about four in the afternoon and a real handsome man had been eyeing me in the store…cruising me. His eyes were saying, “You’re hot. Let’s get together.” He came closer and whispered in my ear, “Want to go sit in my car?” I knew thatmeant he wanted to go down on me or me go down on him or if I could go to his house for sex. I got in his car and we said how hot we were for each other. He asked me what I was looking for. 

I told him, “Oral sex.” While we were looking at each other, he was rubbing his chest to turn me on. I reached over to rub my hand on his thigh, not his crotch. He grabbed my hand and with his other hand, produced handcuffs! Within seconds, the car wassurrounded with three or four police cars, all with their lights flashing.   

Handcuffed, the undercover cop who was trying to pick me up told the other cops that I grabbed his crotch and was making obscene and lewd gestures.  Standing handcuffed next to the police cars while they asked for my address and drivers license.  When they figured out my name, one of them said with a smile, “Is your father Dr. Headrick?”  I told him yes and he said with a sarcastic grin, “We got us a good one.”  He told the other cops, “This guy’s dad is head of Psychology at Abilene Christian and is the psychologist for the Abilene Police Department!”  I remember some of them laughing, but I was not

Life was eventful for the young Bruce from then on,  he details all the major event that shaped this young guy’s early years,  his experience of gay sex with the very psychologist   he parents sent him to to help ‘cure’ his ‘mental’ problem  of being gay.    There is a powerful moment when in the middle of a frustrated argument when his mother confesses to the young teen he was adopted.  Detailed accounts of life growing up,  of leaving home and starting out on his own and living out of  a gay bath house. 

Jobs are gained and things lead on from one another as Bruce tells us throughout the pages in Tell Secrets, Tell No Lies.   One of those sorts of jobs he just fell into was stripping,   a rewarding move spurred on from his very first time.

“Here we go, live on stage all the way from Dallas, Texas.  Let’s give a big welcome to Brrrruce!”  The song started and I  waited about thirty seconds before I went out on stage.  The  lighting and sound system were awesome.  The audience reception was unbelievable.  It was like I had done this every night.  It  was just natural for my pants to come off and then the shirt came  off at the end of the first song.  Thank God the songs were mixed  and there were no gaps in between.  During the next song, the  jock strap was a huge hit.  I  walked the catwalk, then walked the isle, then sat in the customers’ laps, taking in as much cash as my
hands and jock could hold.  I gave them only one minute of total 
nudity.  I thought that if there was any class in this kind of behavior, I would save it for the end.  Give them a tease and then disappear behind the curtain.  It worked.  I loved it and could not wait to go back on.  I don’t know if it was the crowd or me.  I got off as much as anyone else.  I was hooked! ” 

Bruce lifts the lid on how he got involved in the adult movie and escorting business,  a whirlwind stripping and rich clients saw this young guy earn upwards of $3000 a night.   Bruce became a Blake and things didn’t show any signs of stopping,  he tells through the pages of the book some of the spectacular famous clients he had,  like  Richard Simmons, US politician  Larry Craig,  singing star Neil Sedaka –

    “I saw the cover of BLUBOY and the centerfold and knew when I got to Los Angeles that I had to call your agent.”  He asked if I had heard his songs before.  Thank God I had asked Daniel what he sang.  He told me that the most famous song was “Calendar Girl.”So I said “I love Calendar Girl!”  Neil said, “Well, now you are my calendar boy!”  


He made himself comfortable in the bedroom and asked me to come in.  He said,
“Take your clothes off.”  I slowly undressed while he was jerking his cock.  He said he didn’t do this very often. He had several children and a wife that he loved very much.  I didn’t know if that  was true or not.  In those situations you can be told anything!  He
wanted me to grind my body into his while his hands rubbed and grabbed every inch of my body.  He went down on me and asked me to rub and pinch his nipples.  When we were done, he got dressed and I got my jeans back on.  In the living room he said, “I am here every couple of months.  I live in New York and do a lot of Vegas shows.  Can I please have your number so I can call you when I’m back in town?”

Those two hours cost Neil $800,  there are loads more revelations to come,  including a party with Elton John!  Blake had been hired along with a number of other guys from the adult entertainment industry to go off to Elton’s Hollywood apartment for a low key chilled party.

   “When I got there, there was already a couple of  other guys I had met on a movie set or photo shoot.  They were  all in the business.  There was Elton!  Even better, he was wearing his trademark glasses.  There were a couple of other men there that were part of Elton’s entourage.   In the living room was a huge sectional couch that could easily fit ten or twelve people.  Elton said to me, “And you are who?”I said “Blake Mcdonald.” He said, “Have a seat and get comfortable”.  

 We are just going to sit around and listen to music tonight.”On the coffee table there was more cocaine than Wayland Flowers  had in his entire house!  There it was in perfect rows, line after line after line.  The other models were already drinking and snorting. I always drink a Diet Coke and snort lots of the other coke!  At around midnight, all of the guys were naked on the couch playingaround with each other.  Elton just watched.  I didn’t see him touch any of us, but mentally he was into us.  It was a Roman orgy in Hollywood.  At this time, the other guys who were with Elton had already gone to their room to sleep or write or something.  They were no longer in the living room.  

At 4:30 in the morning, we were higher than tweaked.  Elton had already gone to his quarters.  We were just high, staring at each other.  Most of the guys had already put their clothes on.  A couple  of them were passed out naked on the floor.  

According to Blake the bill for this night of pleasure set Elton back $27,000!   

There are loads more stories from life as an 80’s porn star, stripper and escort which do prove interesting and entertaining.

The book has gained a whole load of publicity,  including a spread in the National Enquirer, a true tale of life mixing with the stars in the underworld of sex and adult entertainment.

More details  here.

It’s an interesting,  that really opens your eyes to one persons view of different aspect of life in the world of porn, sex, drugs and famous people.    Bruce has advised us that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be going to charity.  He now lives in Las Vegas with his partner and still does a thousand sit ups a day to keep in shape.  He has no regrets from his past as a stripper, escort and adult film performer,  maybe one day he’ll do it all again.    He calls himself a liberal conservative democrat,  but in the last presidential campaign when it was decided that Hillary Clinton wasn’t going to be the Democratic nomination but Obama was,  he switched his allegiances and voted republican,   voting for John McCain to be president.   There by pledging his support for a man committed against equality for gay people, a man against the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,  a man against health care reform,  a man against more funding for AIDS research and a man against gay marriage.

We wish Bruce well,          Tell Secrets, Tell No Lies,  Confessions of a CLOSETless Queen is out now,  priced at $17.95 by Dog Ear Publishing.  

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