Wisconsin’s Domestic Partner Registry Wont Be Defended


Wisconsin to end gay partnerships.  Another step back for equality was made when Wisconsin Governor  Scott Walker  told a judge he wants to stop defending that state’s domestic partner registry in court because he doesn’t believe it’s constitutional.

The domestic partner registry is a law that extends a small number of protections for gay couples, but opponents argue it violates the state’s 2006 voter-approved constitutional amendment banning marriage and civil unions for gay couples.

Members of the conservative group Wisconsin Family Action filed a lawsuit last August, arguing the registry violates the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage.

The Former Governor Jim Doyle,  who proposed the registry as a means of granting same-sex couples more legal rights, defended the measure and had filed a motion asking Dane County Circuit Judge Daniel Moeser for summary judgment upholding it. He then appointed a Madison attorney, Lester Pines, to defend the registry after the state’s Attorney General, J. B. VanHollen refused to so.

Again it appears to be a Republican hate for gay people and equality against a Democrat that understand the need for equal laws, or at the very least some of the same laws protecting other citizens.

Walker, the Republican  inherited the case from Jim Doyle when he took office in January, had fired the Pines’ law firm in March, then late last Friday, filed a motion with Moeser asking to withdraw the defense entirely because Walker believes the registry is unconstitutional.

“If the governor determines that defending a law would be contrary to the state’s constitution, he cannot order the defense of the law because of his oath to support the Wisconsin Constitution,“ Walker’s attorney, Brian Hagedorn, wrote in the motion. “To allow the previous administration’s analysis to bind a subsequent administration would be contrary to what justice requires.“

Walker has said previously that he doesn’t believe in equality.

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