New York’s Mayor Bloomberg Supports Same Sex Marriage


Mayor Michael R. BloombergMichael R. Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn discussed their lobbying for same-sex marriage in Albany on Tuesday.



The time has come, to many New Yorker’s it’s a dream come true,  a chance for true equality to really be within our grasp.  The Call for same-sex marriage has become the single most important issue facing New York State, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on Tuesday visited the capitol, Albany,  and pledged to support the campaign of any Republican senator who votes in favour of allowing gay couples to tie the knot.

Mr. Bloomberg flew to Albany with the main intention to lobby seven Republican senators who had previously  been identified as possible supporters of the legislation. Mr. Bloomberg also was scheduled to meet with the Senate majority leader, Dean G. Skelos, a Republican who opposes same-sex marriage.

Now,  Mr. Bloomberg, who has been one of the largest donors to the Senate Republicans in recent years, said he wanted to remind the senators he met with that supporting same-sex marriage was “entirely consistent with the G.O.P.’s core values of promoting limited government and individual liberty.”

“I just have never thought that it’s the government’s business to get involved in telling people who they should be married to,”  Mayor Bloomberg said at a news conference midway through his day of meetings. “The longer the Senate obstructs marriage equality, the heavier the price they will pay not only in the history books, but at the polls.”

Further more,  in a significant show of support for same sex marriage and equality, Mr. Bloomberg promised his support in next year’s elections to Republicans who support same-sex marriage — “no matter where they stand on any other issue.”

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