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There are some blogs that delight, then there are some that inform,  you also have some that entertain, a few are there to inspire thought and contemplation.  However, very  few can combine all those functions in one exquisitely produced package –    Artistry of Male is that package!



This is an erotic, exciting and thoroughly enjoyable arty blog that manages every single day to delight and hit the spot.  It’s crammed to the rafters of hot sexy photos,  stunning guys in all shapes sizes and styles.  AOM  must search the net for hour upon hour upon hour to bring us so much beauty in one place.  Really,  this has got to be one of the best produced and most lovingly created gay blogs of all time.


The first thing you notice about the blog is how well it’s put together,  it’s design is slick and pleasing,  it’s multitude of links are easy to navigate and there is just so so so much content it really is a masterpiece of modern blogging!  I guess you could say,  this is the blog equivalent of a lavishly bound, reassuringly expensive glossy paged erotic art coffee table book, the kind that those arty independent book stores sell at almost £100 each!


Along the right hand column of Artistry of Male you’ll find many and varied links, from the AOM music player to a vast ranger of photographer sites,  features, artists and models.  There are links to other top first class blogs and photo sites and information. It’s an Aladdin’s cave of erotica and entertainment for fans of the male form –  which come on,  we all are!


There are multiple posts each day,  usually they include ‘Beauty of the Day’  a few photographs of extreme high quality of what can only be honestly described as well fuckable totty,  or rather stunning young men,  in various states of dress or un!

Another post in the daily mix of AOM magic is Soul Food,  this is where you’ll find exactly what it says in the title,  food for the soul!  Comments,  quotes and tales designed to not only delight but also enrich the readers soul.   I love to come here when I’m feeling down,  because not only do I get an eye full of sexy guys,  but I also feel inspired and somewhat enlightened!


There are usually a lovely couple of posts on various themes,  sometimes featuring a popular face (and body) from the world of gay porn.  Sometimes its a particular artist or photographer, other times it will be a model,  yet always incredibly entertaining and horny.

Another in the daily mix of posts from this king of bloggers is ‘Booty Call or Booty of the Day,  which as you’d guess with no help from me, contains a selection of fine male rump!  Man  this is a hot sight and site,  it goes far beyond the usual one handed viewing erotic blog.

The daily batch of posts from AOM ends with the simply titled Foot Notes!   Feet lovers the world over love this,  as you’ll find various man feet in all their beauty.


On the whole,  Artistry of Male   is a first class, top flight, amazingly and lovingly created blog,   you may think I’m gushing to extreme here,  but I’m confident that once you’ve visited Artistry of Male,  you’ll think as I do!  Thank you so much AOM!

Artistry of Male


I   S   M   A   E   L        A   L   V   A   R   E   Z




Review from Jason Shaw

Artistry of Male

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