Google’s Blogger Down For Second Day


The popular and easy to use blogging platform Blogger has been down for a while now,  first it went off for ‘routine maintenance’   that was yesterday,  it was supposed to be down for about an hour!  It’s still down now,  meaning most of our favourite bloggers can’t post,  you’ll be able to read them,  but not comment.   No new posts,  no new news,  no word from Google.

Of course this has nothing to do with Google’s which to rid the internet of ‘gay stuff’  or their on-going ‘secret’ campaign of donating money in the US to combat gay marriage and equality.  Larry Page has already indicated so much in recent meetings that the gayglers had better watch out.

Some say this blogger outage is more to do with a series of updates the platform was launching,  Google have said this is not the problem.   No word yet on speculation that this is a case of a  mass hack protest.   However, blogger team do advise it will be back up and running shortly,  although all the posts from Wednesday will be deleted.

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