UK Gay MP Nigel Evans voted for Section 28


Gay Conservative MP Nigel Evans says he was in denial and going through a “Neanderthal phase” when he voted for Section 28.    This Tory MP  for Ribble Valley, who came out last year, backed the legislation to ban mention of homosexuality in schools or government funded buildings and also voted against lowering the age of consent for gay men.

Talking to the UK’s  Guardian, he said: “I was going through denial and what I would describe as my Neanderthal phase.  I was just stupid, and clearly I wasn’t thinking. Of course, I was completely wrong.”

Evens claims his sexuality was an ‘open’ secret in the halls of Westminster until last year when a supposedly unnamed Labour MP threatened to ‘out’ him.    Obviously it has nothing to do with calls from Conservative central office asking for all gay members to identify themselves,  in order to show the party was more inclusive to gay people. 

In a slightly hypocritical move,  he calls for professional football players to ‘come out’   

“If only we could get some gay footballers to come forward, that would help,” he said. “It’s daft to say there are no gay footballers in the premier league – of course there are. Every one of them who could possibly find the courage to come out would help so many people.”

“I’m shocked that any gay person would vote in favour of persecuting and discriminating against other gay people.   he must have realised how much pain and suffering voting against equality, against freedom!”  Said a shocked Jason Shaw, a gay rights commentator and writer from Sussex.  “How can the people of Ribble Valley trust a man who has spend nearly three quarters of his life telling lie after lie after lie.   He’s done a great disservice to every gay person in the country”

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