Gay student Faced Death Threats and Harassment


In October, his wallet, student ID and room key were stolen.
Then, he said, he received a death threat on Facebook are forcing a gay student to quit school.

Life is not easy being gay in Pennsylvania,  a few weeks ago, he found his replacement ID cut into pieces and covered in urine, reports Penn Live.isaiah.JPG
Isaiah Thomas, an openly gay student at Messiah College, said he plans to transfer at the end of this term.

“Messiah College has not been the most warming place at all. At all. It’s been very hard,” said Thomas, a 2010 graduate of Harrisburg’s SciTech High on a full scholarship.

Thomas said most students have welcomed him. Others have made him feel unwelcome, singled out and worse.
“I’ve had a professor who actually called me an abomination in class,” Thomas said.

College Provost Randy Bassinger said the college has a robust harassment policy and has followed through on Thomas’ claims, in some cases bringing in police.
“We take harassment very seriously and have a very clear and explicit protocol on all forms of harassment that would include harassment related to sexual orientation,” he said.
Bassinger said he was unable to release information on the findings of the investigations.

Far from the Christian ideals, the more hate seems to come from religious schools, although no one thought it would be that bad.

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