Lib Dem MEP outraged at "cheap and nasty" fake gay leaflets


A leading Liberal Democrat MEP has expressed outrage at the news of fake gay leaflets being distributed in the UK, reports the UK’s Pink Paper.


London MEP Sarah Ludford, an active member of the European Parliament’s Lesbian and Gay Rights Intergroup, made the comments after yesterday’s news unfolded that unofficial pro-gay leaflets were distributed in a mostly-Muslim area to try and incite hatred.

Today, speaking exclusively to DIVA magazine –’s sister publication – she said she finds them “completely outrageous.”
“It’s cheap and nasty, but these things happen," she said. "There are scurrilous people around in politics and they are trying to whip up opposition towards the Liberal Democrats.

"That is not the main problem here because we have nothing to be ashamed of, but what these people are doing by handing out these leaflets is…whip up prejudice and hate. And we know there is a big problem with hate crimes against LGBT people,” she added.

Full report –

Lib Dem MEP outraged at "cheap and nasty" fake gay leaflets –

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