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 Its Getting Hawt In Here……

There are few erotic sites on this wide wonderful wankfest we call the net that manage to fulfil every single one of our senses,  but Hawt Blog is one of them.  Well, alright,  that’s not true.  Steve the creator of Hawt hasn’t quite made waft the aroma of manlove yet,  but I’m sure that’s something in the pipeline!

If you’ve not visited Hawt yet,  then what are you waiting for,  you’ve been missing a great deal of wonderfulness.   It’s way more than just a blog, it’s a veritable Aladdin’s cave of erotic entertainment for the discerning male.    First of all it’s stunning design and graphics are a feast for the eyes, it’s bold, electrifying and clever.   There are many swell features on the blog that I find it hard to express it all here in just a few lines, but the moving links are a personal favourite.

There are links upon the top just under the sexy header that will lead your way a forum, music page, lyrics page with some damn fine videos, polls,   shame counter –  the counter of blogger blogs shut down by Google and  a links list as well.

Each posting usually features nine or ten raunchy hawt photo’s of the days subject,  either an actor, model or theme,  which really is evocative and exciting.  This really is an amazing collection of hot and sexy top totty that will definitely please yours eyes.  How our wonderful webmaster and top blogger selects such beauties if beyond me,  as every single photo is appealing.

This is a labour of love,  a blog of passion, a powerful exotic and erotic foray into the world of male beauty.  It’s not porn,  don’t go there expecting a carpet of wall to wall cock and ass, just a well balanced, well crafted collection of hawt males.

Max Malvicino-077

Hawt blog is one of the best on the net,  quality blogs like this don’t come around all that often,  so I advise, recommend and implore you, for your own sake, to visit it now.  Hawt



One response

  1. Did I read the word “RAUNCHY” in your review?!?!

    lol… WOW… thank you so much… I am going to remove ALL my other links and just link to this wonderful blog 🙂

    Seriously… blush blush… thanks sweetheart 🙂 xoxo

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