US Gay Republican Group Wants To Take Out Obama


Earlier today, the only conservative group that represents gay conservatives and allies, GOProud announced their 2012 Presidential election efforts at the Ames Straw Poll in August of this year.

The Iowa Straw Poll is known as the traditional kickoff to the nominating process, and these GOP’ers have one mission on their mind: get Barack Obama out the White House.

Executive Director, Jimmy LaSalvia is fully behind GOProud’s efforts, “We look forward to the Iowa Straw Poll as the kickoff to this effort.”

Being that GOProud activists and supporters around the country will be traveling to Ames to participate in this straw poll, LaSalvia feels it is the perfect place for them to make their presence known by supporting the Iowa GOP.

“Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House has been an unmitigated disaster for all Americans, including gay and lesbian Americans. Defeating Barack Obama and putting a conservative in the White House should be the number one goal of every single person in the conservative movement. It is certainly the number one goal of this organization.”

The poll begins on August 11th with a Republican Presidential debate, ending with the straw poll on the 13th.

The GOProud group are not the most friendly of organisation to gay writers who don’t support the republican party.    The Rainbow Post twitter account was sent dozens of hate messages earlier this year when we refused to give un qualified support to the group.  “It really surprised us that a group representing the Republican party could be so vulgar and hateful towards other people in the gay community,  so much so that some of the messages were personal attacks”  the editor said.


2 responses

  1. I watched your representative on CNN this morning. The idea that your group would meet with Michelle Bachman is absolutely abhorrent and is morally bankrupt. To positively entertain a ‘social conservative’ like Bachman with such dangerous and damaging views toward Gays is akin to Martin Luther King meeting with the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan or Elie Weisel meeting with Hitler. She is a racist bigot. Just goes to show you that ‘conservative’ has lost its meaning in modern society. It used to mean having the government out of one’s life including one’s bedroom. I am totally repulsed by your hypocrisy and actions. Any thought of becoming involved in your organization has evaporated into vacuous space which it seems your moral compass has led GOProud. I am nauseated.

  2. Thanks for the comment Ken, although you’ll note it was not ‘OUR’ representative, we were not on CNN and are not connected with GOProud in anyway. Your attack on us ‘The Rainbow Post’ is rather aggressive and uncalled and perhaps very misdirected !

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