Nick Clegg named sexiest leader!


Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister, has been named the “most physically attractive” party leader by gay men according to a new survey.

  The Sunday Times reports that  Clegg gained 42.1% of the votes in the survey conducted by Jake, a gay networking organisation, while Prime Minister David Cameron was preferred by 12.6% of those asked. Labour leader Ed Milliband came in last with just 8.8% of the votes.

Conservative supporter Ivan Massow, and one time candidate who runs Jake, quipped: ”I admit Clegg is a nice-looking man. I’m attracted to submissive partners.”   The survey, which asked 1,000 gay men on a range of political issues, does not bring all good news for Clegg, with just 22% of those asked saying they would vote Liberal Democrat at the present time, compared to 36% for the Conservatives and 34% for Labour.

Massow describes the rise in popularity of the Tories among gay men compared to previous surveys, attributing the increase to the more gay-friendly stance taken by the current Prime Minister.  “When we last did a poll some seven or eight years ago, only 5% said they would back the Tories” He claimed in the paper, adding “I think then many more gays were left-leaning or, anecdotally, Guardian types. Cameron’s own stance on gays has helped change opinion.”

“I certainly could see the attraction before and during the election,  the man seemed to have it all”  said gay rights campaigner and writer Jason Shaw today. “He was the new guy on the block,  a fresh faced, charming man with policies that made sense, he seemed perfect.  Now,  having joined the Conservatives, he’s a adopted a resigned arrogant look of a man who has, well turned his back on his ideals.  Which, if you ask me is not a good look at all”  He sighed “But look,  it’s not like he’s got a lot of competition,  now really, is it?”

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